Waste Management - Short Film

Shot for the 2012 24 Hour Film Race in July of 2012. The film was screened at the Portage theater along the top 29 Chicago films of the festival. This is a re-cut of the film in its entirety. Original cut available HERE

Spirits By Paula Graham

I conducted an interview with the author of Spirits, Paula Graham for company called Author Solutions. Spirits is a story of emotional struggle that two young couples face when the woman become pregnant.

The Dead Hands - Twangy Song

While they prepare to go into studio for their up-and-coming EP, I make a mess with this unofficial music video.

The Dead Hands - Grind Your Teeth
Winners of the 2013 WGN Breakthrough Band Contest featuring the music video during the live broadcast.

Simply Comedians features some of Chicago's hottest stand-up comedians.

Simply C Teens involves nine Chicagoland teens who serve as role models for their community.

In late October of 2012 till January of 2013, I worked for a company called Simply C. 360. Below are the trailers for two feature documentary projects of there's that I edited.

Cenx - Carrier Ethernet Group

A company summary video I had shot on location in Downtown Chicago and edited back at the home base in Iowa City, IA.

Process of Elimination - Short Film

A project that I had the pleasure of working as co-writer, director of photography, and editor. Watch the Trailer or the Entire Film.

Gypsyblood - Endless Summer
In July of 2012, I cut this official music video for the band previously on Sargent House Records.


A quick look at projects ranging from commercial to event to short narrative or documentary that I have cut from 2011-2013.

Music By: Soulwax - Krack Click HERE to hear more by the band.

A collaboration of Digital Cinematography from various narrative, commercial, corporate, and music forms compiled from 2011-2012. 

Music: Little People - Gravitas, for more info click HERE.

A collaboration of shots compiled from 2007-2009. All short films were shot on various stocks of 16mm film. I am certified to operate these cameras ranging from 16mm to super16 format: Arriflex BL, S, M, Cinema Products 16, & super16, Eclair NPR, Aaton Xtera 1, A-minima, and Bolex h16.

Music: Little People - Start Shootin, for more info on the band click HERE.

A digital slideshow of projects ranging from branding strategies to logo development to personal event showcasing. I am well versed in forms of digital and print illustration as well as digital animation.
Mostly self trained; I started shooting 35mm film format, slowly working my way up to the digital world of SLR. I am able to technically capture both the mood and atmospherical qualities of what clients require from me.