Bryan Butt-FilmMAKER 


A quick look at projects ranging from commercial to event to short narrative or documentary that I have cut from 2011-2013.

Music By: Soulwax - Krack Click HERE to hear more by the band.


A collaboration of Digital Cinematography from various narrative, commercial, corporate, and music forms compiled from 2011-2012. 

Music: Little People - Gravitas, for more info click HERE.

A collaboration of shots compiled from 2007-2009. All short films were shot on various stocks of 16mm film. I am certified to operate these cameras ranging from 16mm to super16 format: Arriflex BL, S, M, Cinema Products 16, & super16, Eclair NPR, Aaton Xtera 1, A-minima, and Bolex h16.

Music: Little People - Start Shootin, for more info on the band click HERE.

A digital slideshow of projects ranging from branding strategies to logo development to personal event showcasing. I am well versed in forms of digital and print illustration as well as digital animation.
Mostly self trained; I started shooting 35mm film format, slowly working my way up to the digital world of SLR. I am able to technically capture both the mood and atmospherical qualities of what clients require from me.